The Nexus 7 Tab has no rear camera… In my recent video “Google NEXUS 7 – DOES IT SUCK? … it might :(” I commented on my disappointment about the lack of a rear facing camera on the new Nexus7 Android tablet… I got lots of comments – some so vulgar they were deleted – about how rear facing cameras on tablets are a “dumb idea” and users should “just use a real camera like a DSLR instead“…… well, no, THAT is stupid… Watch this vid to find out why.

These people all left DUMB cumments, quite possibly because they are STUPID

why do you need a rear camera who uses ut anyway? – Yaxrob

why’d you want to take photos on a tablet for anyway? SuperSah44

Why complain about the camera on a tablet? Its horrible to try to take a pic on a tablet -pokestory1

There is no feasible reason to take photos with a tablet – adam67

the idea of using any tablet for actually taking photos is just so patently ridiculous – guitarmaster199

look if you want to take pictures you have a good camera at home – stanislavshopov85

You take pictures with a tablet..right. – BlaineDeschain

also you do look dorky holding a tablet in the air and taking a photo – THEH4Z

What kind of dumb ass takes pictures. With a tablet – POWERTEAM9988