The Blue Mountains – It’s pretty like WHOADUDE!

Wandering the bushwalking (hiking) trails of the Blue Mountains near Katoomba outside of Sydney to clear my head of the “rat race” stress of the big-smoke, for a short walkabout in the bush. I took with me my Olympus PEN E-P3 which I was mainly shooting video, my Pentax Q for stills and my iPhone 4s for whatever pretty stuff I wanted to share with friends on twitter while I wandered.

I spent seven hours wandering and shooting on the muddy mountains and valleys, exhausting but quite rewarding.

A gallery of the stills from the Pentax Q can be found here; on my Google Plus

The Blue Mountains are named so for the blue tinge the range takes on when viewed from a distance. They say Volatile oils from the vast forests of eucalyptus trees in the Blue Mountains is cause of the light scattering effect that causes the blue haze
Consisting mainly of a sandstone plateau, the area is dissected by gorges up to 760 meters deep. The highest point of the range is Mount Werong at 1,215 meters above sea level

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