NEW Thundercats Series- does it suck? – review

Thundercats Are on the move Thundercats are loose…. again…. There’s a new THUNDERCATS TV SERIES – I just watched the two-part series premiere, it made an impression big enough to inspire this spur of the moment improvised Review.

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2 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    i was very surprised with new Thundercats and its in a very good way. I thought the story line was really good for a cartoon..the characters seems to have depth. its a very very good beginning

  2. Trapper says:

    I watched these eps and have fallen in love witht he series, thundercats and transformers were my life growing up. both this and transformers prime are fantastic shows to watch. Will friedal is a favorite voice actor of mine (i loved him as ron stoppable hehe) i would also sugget you check out g i joe renegades and young justice for some good watching