Blunty3000 is joining forces with Toshiba to Give away a Portégé R600 to celebrate it being named the greenest notebook on the planet according to Greenpeaces second annual Green Electronics Survey, 2008. That means it’s free, you win it, it’s yours, take it home, give it a name and pet it and caress it and dance a little inside, put fallout boy stickers on it, write in your emo blog, make youtube videos mocking my big fat head, use it as a brutal machine of ultimate wifi freedom carnage at the airport, hey it’s your new notebook computer you won it fair and square, do what you like with it. To show how “cool” (yeah you’ll get that bloody awful pun once you see the vid) their Portégé R600 is, they are giving one away to whoever comes up with the best music to suit their new video. HOW TO WIN… Suggest a musical accompaniment to compliment Toshiba’s new “Ice sculpture” video and add your suggestion as a youtube comment, or video response to this video The winner, as chosen by Nate “Blunty” Burr will recieve a Toshiba Portégé R600 Notebook! Closing date of competition is April 3rd 2009. Winning entry announced on April 10th 2009 Pretty frikkin sweet prize too… sure it’s the greenest, but it’s also the LIGHTEST fully featured Notebook out there. (fully featured means it has things most other manufacturers leave out of their ultra portables… like plenty of ports and Built-in Optical Drives) http “a great choice for mobile professionals

Author: Blunty3000

Duration: 200

Published: 2009-03-20 07:05:46

WIN a Toshiba Notebook PC from Blunty3000. Seriously.