Blunty3000 gives some back with this series of hints and tips on Video Blogging. For your chance to be in for the winning of a new Sony Bloggie camera to take your vlogs HD, just go ahead and ask what you want to know about Vlogging :) (Big thanks to the folks at Sony for throwing me a couple of bloggie cams to give away :D ) Part 3 of 5. This time; hints on steady shots, tripods, how to present to camera and make it feel natural, how to find ideas and a secret MacGyvered steady-cam monopod! Video was recorded with the Sony Bloggie, and no effects or colour correction/grading etc were applied so you can get a pretty good idea about how the camera is performing naively & unaltered, all audio from onboard mic. The raw files (mp4) were dumped right from the camera into FCP and was edited without needing any conversion or messing about.

Author: Blunty3000

Duration: 437

Published: 2010-03-31 05:16:30

Vlogging Tips 3; Secret MacGyver Steady-cam! – Blunty3000