Wearing his RANT PANTS, Blunty3000 Tears CNET a new Ear-Hole about sound and PodCasts Also, some bonus audio tips and hints for Vloggers and podcasters alike. Ranting aside, I do enjoy the Pulse Podcast out of CNET Australia’s offices, you guys should give it a go. once they fix their levels issue of course ;) – www.cnet.com.au “Pulse is CNET Australia’s weekly podcast discussing the latest gadgets, hottest trends and quirkiest stories in the world of technology, brought to you by CNET editors Ty Pendlebury, Lexy Savvides, Joseph Hanlon and Derek Fung” ONE of these people needs some auditory tech help!

Author: Blunty3000

Duration: 312

Published: 2010-04-03 02:21:19

Ripping CNET a new EAR-HOLE + Audio Tips Rant from Blunty3000