Blunty3000 looks at Editing Video on the apple iPhone which has long been a dream of mine, having the ability to have an end to end solution for producing video content on the go without even touching a laptop, well, it took longer than I expected for that to happen but it’s now a reality. A little while ago I came across an iphone app called reeldirector, and in it’s first version I wasn’t very impressed, it was just too basic and restricted, but with it’s recent 2.0 update things have changed, in a big way. This review was even produced using ReelDirector, except of course for the shots of the application itself in use, which for obvious reasons, I had to record with a separate camera and then upload to the iphone so I could use them in the edit! The to-camera stuff, the edit, titles, transitions, voice over narration and the whole deal was produced within the app. Neat eh?

Author: Blunty3000

Duration: 247

Published: 2010-01-05 07:50:25

How to edit video ON your iPhone! – Blunty3000 reviews ReelDirector