The Camera in the iPhone isn’t awesome, but it’s “good enough”, But Blunty3000 has found a product called the OWLE Bubo which makes it BETTER. For those who have asked; How do I attach Wide angle, fish eye, macro or telephoto lenses to my iPhone? How to I attach an external microphone to my iPhone? How to I attach a light to my iphone for taking video or photos in the dark? How do I attach my iPhone to a tripod? or How can I take better looking, smoother vids with my iPhone? The Owle Bubo, despite it’s silly name, will let you do all of that even all of that at once! it’s pretty neat. Here’s the video of the 40 ton stress test smashing the prototype owlebubo to bits; Watch one of the guys get scared shitless ;) Hand Held Hollywood’s Do-it-Yourself guide to making a neck-strap for the iPhone using the Bubo’s tripod mounts; If you want to grab an OWLE Bubo, or find out more about it you can hit up their website here;

Author: Blunty3000

Duration: 636

Published: 2010-02-09 07:19:15

Add Lenses, Mics, Lights & more to your iPhone – Owle Bubo review