AUSSIE Gone HAM – GTX 950 Give-Away!

Asus Strix Geforce GTX 950 GIVEAWAY Announcement! Asus & Nvidia Australia asked if I want to give away an Asus Strix Gaming Geforce GTX 950… the answer is of course YES! Today I announce the winner while being BEWILDERINGLY AUSSIE! Unbox, Gameplay, Overclock & Giveaway – Asus Strix Geforce GTX...


Best Camera Kit For Event, Expo & Convention Shooting? – DigiDIRECT TV

This episode on DDTV, what’s the best camera kit for event, expo and convention shooting? Products recommended;   DigiDIRECT TV is a photography centric web-show, lead by Blunty and backed by your leading digital camera experts. Australian resellers of popular...


Elgato HD60s USB3.0 – LAG FREE Capture Device – Unboxing & Tested

Elgato HD60 S, the new version of the highly regarded external capture devices from Elgato. This time with USB 3.0 & “Instant gameview” for lag free streaming & Recording. is the HD60s the Best External HDMI Capture Device yet!? Best 60fps capture card? – Elgato HD60 PRO – REVIEW


Nvidia FAILURE… Lab – AMAZING Behind The Scenes Tour

Exclusive behind the Scenes tour of Nvidia’s Failure Lab! What do Nvidia do when one of their chips fails? They send it to Howard Marks, Director of Technology operations, Silicon Failure Analysis lab, where they use millions and millions of dollars worth of insane equipment to find the single transistor...


Enter the Gungeon – Game Review – FUNNER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET!

Enter the Gungeon review. “Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell dungeon crawler following a band of misfits seeking to shoot, loot, dodge roll and table-flip their way to personal absolution by reaching the legendary Gungeon’s ultimate treasure: the gun that can kill the past. Select a hero [or...